Dark Empire

The Emperor's Darkshield

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Species: Panther
Home planet: Omega Prime

Darkshield is the player of choice for anyone who likes stealth and gadgetry. Their technology is superior to everyone else's due to their mithrillite-powered weaponry. Their weapons systems are based on a 'modular' design that allows you to fit several weapons of choice onto a single vehicle chassis or defence 'base block', not unlike the Component Towers in Tiberian Sun. Their units are also the second-fastest of the sides, and are primarily designed for flexibility and multiple purposes. However, overall their vehicle armour is very weak, the weakest of the four sides. To make up for that, they possess ample stealth technology, allowing them to make sneaky hit-and-run attacks on enemy groups.

- Hit and run
- Sneak attacks
- Avoiding detection

Special technologies:
- Basic vehicle chassis that can upgrade with several unique weapons
- Stealth generators
- Infantry has 'stalk' ability, making them invisible but slower

- Stealth
- Modular upgradability
- Speed

- Weak armour
- Reliance on power
- Folds to brute force and massed armies